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Knowing where you come from is insightful, but what you choose to do with that information is what matters most. Introducing MyFamilyCrest, a new way for your family to grow its ancestral pride for generations to come.

Creek Family

Gibbons Family

Lesa Family

I helped the creatives find a way to present their idea for the Family Crest into a digestible piece of content. We wanted to make this concept come to life in the realest way possible, and finding real people, not actors, was crucial to this piece. I helped manage pre-production aspects by providing insights into how to organize questions for the talent to get the best results possible. In addition to producing the videos, I designed the lighting set up for the shoot and ran the set as the 1st AD.

Producer: Connor Dean



Art Director: 

Editor: Reese Hansen

Illustrator: Emily Lui 

Motion: Harrison Brownell







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