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Once upon a time I was in film school, and my love for making commercials came from watching great films. We can’t be good at advertising without exposing ourselves to different mediums and forms of expression.


Introducing The Curriculum, a "taste-boosting, educational experience" (aka, a book club for movies)

The goal with The Curriculum is to make advertising students care about cinema as an art form that can influence their own creative work. 

Using our school semester calendar as a template, we hand-selected films that were to be released during Fall 2019. We did extensive research to determine the movie listing schedule while pairing it with our school's International Cinema schedule. Doing this ensured that the films we watched were not only well-reviewed mainstream movies, but also lesser-known gems.



Because this is a movie club, we invited members of the AdLab to participate in this weekly viewing schedule. We gave them course materials and outlined the best practices for enjoying a movie watching and discussion experience.

Couse materials include:

Syllabus (Zine)

Course Description

Learning Outcomes

Course Materials

Grading Scale


Golden Rule

Punch Card

Weekly Schedule


In addition to handing out course materials, we started an Instagram account to keep followers updated on the weekly schedule and let them know where to watch the films.


Connor Dean

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