Boxing in Ghana is a secret to the world. Yet, for decades this tiny West African country has produced world-class fighters. Why? Because when everyone else fights for fame, a title, or prize money, Ghana’s boxing youth fight for their lives. The story is about Emmanuel and Felix and the fight for opportunity.  

Our 16-minute short film is currently in the festival circuit.


The idea of shooting internationally, and not only internationally, but in Africa, was simultaneously mind-blowingly exciting and absolutely terrifying. I was charged with the task of figuring out how to film in a foreign country about a subject we knew almost nothing about with over $100,000 worth of equipment. In the 2 weeks we were there, the director and I spent the first few days scouting locations, talking to the subjects, and getting to know their way of life. When the rest of the crew arrived, it was an all-hands-on-deck collaboration to follow Ema and Felix’s stories in 10 days. I 1st AD’ed and camera operated during the fight, helping the crew to achieve the best results possible. In addition to pre-production and on-site production, I helped oversee the post-production timeline, working alongside the director in editing and crafting a story from the experiences we encountered. In the process of researching immunizations, visa requirements, rental insurance, budget, scheduling, and safety precautions, I found a great joy in working alongside passionate filmmakers and great friends. 

Producer/1st AD/Camera Op: Connor Dean


Writer: Stew Tribe

DP: Bentley Rawle

Sound: Christian Darais

Camera Op: Spencer Goff

Colorist: Drew Tekulve

Editors:                         & Zach Olson