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Journalism not only informs society, it influences society. To promote independent thinking, the Los Angeles Times challenged readers to be an influence on the world - one decision at a time.

I came across an article that caught my attention: a man was being charged with harboring illegal immigrants and faced up to 20 years in prison. I couldn’t believe it. A modern-day Good Samaritan story of an individual who was choosing to follow a higher law. As a way to internalize my feelings for the humanitarian aid crisis at the border, I concepted the story for this video and served as the producer. In this role, I helped shape the story and oversee all aspects of production on this project, from script development to on-set management to post-production.


Stories will feature highly debated questions with a poll for people to vote “yes” or “no”. The following slides will provide facts directly from articles about the subject. A second poll will appear at the end for anyone to change their opinion.

We will also feature pre-roll and Instagram ads that target the specific "decision points" from the anthem video.


The purpose of this campaign is to enable people to make decisions for themselves and strive to influence their own newsworthy stories. Covers of newspapers will be designed with the tagline to reinforce independent thinking.

Producer: Connor Dean

Art Director: 



Director: Benji Allred

DP: Spencer Goff

Sound Design: Christian Darais

Producer: Merik Richardson

Editor/Colorist: Benji Allred






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